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用途与简介 /Purpose and description: 本机器主要由夹瓶带、输送带、二水二气清洗机组组成,它与烘箱、灌装机等单机可组成液体生产自动线,也能单独用于洗瓶之用。玻璃瓶经夹瓶带送进

用途与简介/Purpose and description:


This machine is mainly composed of belt, conveyor belt, two water two bottle of gas cleaning unit, it has to do with oven transfer machine, filling machine, such as single machine can form liquid production, can also be used for washing bottle alone. Glass bottles by the clip into the conveyor belt, the clip with bottle bottle with flip into the cleaning system, with health booster pump after washed by water injection process, and the needle into the bottle inner cavity clean air and water cleaning process. The machine has a specification change is convenient, good quality of washing bottle, etc. Is my company production of bottled production line experience for many years, combined with similar machines made at home and abroad, and according to the technological requirements of customers to develop and become. Suitable for glass bottle blowing air cleaning and high strength plastic, according to user needs, the thing that can be used to transform a small specifications of different diameter, height of the bottle. Apply to food, medicine, chemical


技术参数/technical parameters

生产能力production capacity


60-100 bottles per minute



耗气量gas consumption




外形尺寸Overall dimensions


适用 applicable


Has certain hardness can be used to clean the jar, diameter is larger, such as plastic and glass bottle or bottle is larger, or a variety of bottle of bottle type is complicated, convenient adjustment and simple. Can be used to and unscramble bottle machine, filling machine and other ancillary equipment connection.